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CMEpalooza: A New Way to Educate

In 2014, MedCaseWriter principal Scott Kober became involved as co-producer of CMEpalooza, a unique and innovative activity aimed at educating professionals who work in continuing education (CE) in the healthcare professions (did I mention it is free?). CMEpalooza reaches more than 500 CE professionals on the date of the live broadcast and approximately twice that many watch the archived versions of the sessions in the subsequent month.

CMEpalooza Spring 2016 is taking place on Wednesday, April 19, featuring 8 hours worth of education. All CMEpalooza sessions stream live via YouTube Live and use the Google Hangout platform. Sessions are archived immediately afterward on the CMEpalooza website, as well as YouTube. 

CMEpalooza is a good example of matching the right content to the right platform. The GHOA platform doesn't lend itself to talking head drones, but is perfect for bringing together groups of individuals to talk together and get questions in real time from a live, virtual audience. Too many times, especially with online platforms, people try to shoehorn in the wrong kind of content instead of thinking proactively about matching the right content to the delivery model. Often, it leads to a wasted opportunity and lots of wasted time. We hope that CMEpalooza is a showcase of an example of the right way to deliver high-quality, high-impact adult education. 

I have embedded one of the videos from our Spring 2016 event below ("How Strong Is Your Bullpen?"), but you can view every session from past CMEpaloozas at